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RRPExplorer is a tool for assisting designers and managers in the decision making process through the exploration of the space of possibilities. It has a user interface that lets you navigate through a multi-dimensional solution space shown as a parallel axis plot, apply constraints to remove unattractive parts of the solution space, select interesting solutions, apply various filtering algorithms and select a single best solution matching your preferences and priorities. The Primary reference for RRPareto algorithm is this paper:

Raphael B., Multi-criteria decision making for collaborative design optimization of buildings, Built Environment Project and Asset Management, (Emerald publishers), Vol 1, Issue 2, Nov, 2011.



Contact me if you want to use this software. It is free for students of recognized educational institutions.
Screen Shots of the graphical user interface
RRPExplorer help file

The presentation slides of a seminar as PDF

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Last updated Nov 23, 2012.